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Bra La Land

  • MODA Autumn 2016

    Thank you so much to MODA and photographer Sarah Mason and ITE Moda Ltd for the fantastic photos of our catwalk show. Also thanks to Christine Whitehead for all her help. A fantastic show, roll on next year!IMG_3352SarahMasonPhotography_007SarahMasonPhotography_316SarahMasonPhotography_317

  • 4058 Paysanne strapless, multi-way bra, by Geddy.

    4058-strapless-style black.

    Its date night and your expectations are high! Why wouldn’t they be when you’ve meticulously planned your sexiest outfit! Head to toe gorgeous in glittering jewellery, those (take 10 inches off the width of your thighs and stick it on the end of your legs.. heals), waxed, moisturised and smelling good and now your dress. THE dress, that gorgeous off the shoulder dress which no man could resist, ALL to be ruined by eye sore bra straps clinging to your shoulders. Could this have been avoided? Absolutely simply by buying a well fitted strapless bra, in particular the Silhouette stunning 4058 strapless bra!

    As you know from my previous review I have struggled many a time with problem outfits such as bandeau dresses and off the shoulder dresses, possessing a fuller bust makes it a struggle to find strapless bras which can support me without clear straps! It is so difficult in fact that I have actually stopped wearing these problem outfits altogether. When all was dark the Silhouette 4058 brought light to my life! This is why it is one of the items from Silhouette’s Paysanne collection which I am reviewing for you ladies at home! I hope to see a lot more ladies wearing bare shoulders after reading this, I know I will be!


    First of all I would like to say I LOVE the appearance of this bra, its simple yet sexy decoration makes it classy and sassy all in one go. It is a full cup bra which I feel keeps that modesty a woman of class seeks, the full cup is split in half between two materials the top half brings the sex appeal which is made from a luxurious romantic lace with a scalloped edge which encases your bust beautifully. The bottom half is made from a tightly woven material which has a silky sheen to it. The beauty of this bra is timeless It would be a definite favourite, yet I also feel it would suit women of any age, after all we all need at least one flirtatious bra in our lives.

    The fit of the bra is great, the design gives a real retro look and it holds its shape well as it has a fortified lining which gives you that secure, your boobs aren’t going to make an escape, feeling. The stunning lace on the top half isn’t made with elastic so it won’t begin to sag after repeated washes and use which I find elasticised lace often does. On the under side of the bras edges there is a silicone band running round which really does stop this bra slipping down up, it also adds extra comfort as it prevents rubbing and chaffing. Another key factor with the support of this bra is from the under wires which come up high between your chest, this incorporated with the full cup style keeps your boobs to your chest when bending over, running or even dancing (yes I have tried all of these and no... no one saw me do any of them…I hope!)

    4058-strapless-bra pearl

    This bra combined with style and design is truly the best strapless bra I’ve worn.

  • Guest blogger Karen Lee Turner!

    The perfect bra for big girls... in more ways than one!

    As a tall lady I have many issues with clothes. Trousers that have never met my ankles, winter sleeves that give my wrists frostbite and bust darts that end up around my chest bones, but one of my biggest issues is bra straps.

    Yes I did say Bra Straps!!!!

    I like pretty bras with pretty designs, but I find that a lot of the nicer bras have fancy fixed straps up the front and sometimes over the top of the shoulder with just a small adjustable piece of elastic at the back.

    What's wrong with that?

    Well when you are tall everything is elongated, and to get the straps actually on to your shoulder you'll probably need to extend your strap to the very longest point, and when half the strap is immovable it's just not going to happen.

    I also have the added issue of rather large boobage.

    Karen lee blog 3102 10.02.15 pic1

    They've had a bit of a growing spree over the past few years (something to do with weight and middle aged spread I think), much to my hubby's delight, and they are now officially a 36F!!!!

    With both of my size issues, height & boobs, bra shopping is usually a bit of a pain. Well in contrast this week I have had a great time with a beautiful new bra from Silhouette Lingerie.

    I got a 36F in the Pearl coloured Cascade full cup bra (in some brands I have to adjust my size, but Silhouette was spot on), and was delighted that the elastic straps are nice and long and not the ugly 2 inches wide variety that usually come along with the letter F on the tag.

    Karen Lee blog 10.02.2015 pic2

    The fit was spot on; the lift was good, the wires sat perfectly underneath and there was no gap at the breast bone. With my body length I did have to put the straps to full length, but I didn't have any dig in on the shoulders which definitely made it a comfy fit.

    I would usually go for a balconette shaped cup instead of a full cup, but sometimes you just want everything contained with no possibility of fall out if you just happen to break into a run (not the most likely of scenarios) so I thought I try this one and I'm really glad I did.

    The Cascade Full Cup comes in Black, White & Pearl, and there are seasonal variations too, so I think I may be purchasing a couple more of these pretty bras, and I may also have a go with the Balconette cup too.

    Just a little note: If strap length is a factor for you too, but you maybe don't have the hefty cup size that I do, check with the lovely people at Silhouette Lingerie to see if your size comes with the fully elastic straps, as I did notice on the website that a couple of the pictures show a more fixed lace strap (I think these may be on the smaller cup sizes).

    I am not affiliated to Silhouette Lingerie and have no interests in the company, and links to the website have only been added for your convenience.

    Thanks for reading
    KL x


  • Silhouette lingerie review by Loula Belle at Tricky Little Corset

    Loula Bell 3


    Silhouette lingerie has been helping women enhance their curves since 1887, and now they are enhancing mine!

    This is the Paysanne strapless bra in black with matching brief and thong, which were kindly sent to me by Silhouette. I am wearing a size 32E in the bra and size 10 in the briefs.

    The first thing you'll notice when wearing the Paysanne bra is how amazingly comfortable it is.

    It has rubber attached on the band which helps hold the bra in place on your skin, and the fit around the band is fantastic - it feels totally secure - I even did the jump test!

    It is, without a doubt the most comfortable strapless bra I have ever worn, and definitely the most secure.

    What I absolutely love the most about the Paysanne is that it gives a really authentic vintage shape without any need for massive amounts of padding or squeezing and pushing my boobs right under my chin.

    The brief and thong are also really gorgeous too - they are both high leg and very flattering and well-fitting - I think any man would be all a-flutter if he caught sight of you in this.

    I would usually say only wear this with a strapless top or something with very thin straps, but with the Paysanne you would feel totally secure wearing it under a t-shirt or even something more clingy or tight-fitting.

    I can honestly say that I do not dislike anything about this bra set - my only suggestion would be making versions of it in more colours, maybe a a lovely, rich Cadbury's-style purple, or even a deep. glossy emerald green for winter.

    It is definitely worth the money to have a comfortable, sexy and amazingly well fitting strapless bra in your arsenal, and the Paysanne strapless bra offers great value for money, retailing at £30, the brief at £13 and the thong at £12.

    The set is available in black (as seen on me), pearl and white. and is available in sizes 32A-42F, while the brief and thong are available in sizes S-X.

    You can visit the Silhouette website and have a look at all their other goodies here.

    Let me know if you have this set, or, if you love Silhouette lingerie, I'd love to hear all about your favourites.



    Loula Belle reviews


  • Moda A/W 2014

    What an outstanding exhibition!

    We welcomed new accounts as well as introducing new collections to existing accounts. Moda is the national show dedicated to the intimate apparel industry and 260 brands exhibited. www.moda-uk.co.uk

    moda catwalk-1Once again we were invited onto the catwalk to present our key designs. May we present the Cascade collection in pearl, thanking Sarah Mason for the photography.

  • Pamela Turner designer dies.

    The former chief designer of Shropshire's fondly-remembered Silhouette Corsets has died aged 83.

    pamela turner

    Pamela Turner from Shrewsbury was the head designer at former Silhouette. She died on May 9 at the age of 83.

    Chris Eldon Lee, who wrote "Silhouette" the play, said: "I was very sad to hear of Pamela's death. She revolutionised women's clothing, in particular under clothing and swim wear and she devoted her life to Silhouette.

    "She was exceptionally helpful when I was writing the play and was delighted with the finished product. She came to see it several times. She was a very elegant lady who wanted to keep the name of Silhouette alive." quoted from the Shropshire Star newspaper.


    Please click on the link for more Silhouette history

  • Underwear essentials

    Every day bra;

    Depending on your budget you will need a few everyday bras to get through the week. Skin tone is a good option for a variable wardrobe.


    Extra special bra;

    A favourite pretty bra "that you save for best". This is for special occasions and always comes in handy at some stage  (must have matching bottoms) ......just in case.


    Strapless / multi-way bra;

    For any difficult outfits preferably with long adjustable multiway straps to make it possible to adapt the bra to the garment.


    Sports bra;

    For any sporty hobbies, gardening, walking etc., and also higher impact fitness routines. Preferably non wired and in a breathable fabric.


    An all in one is a valuable problem solver for difficult outfits to give a smooth line under clothes.

    Shape wear;

    An item of corsetry can be very forgiving by flattering problem areas, e.g. bumpy thighs can be smoothed with thigh busting briefs.

    Plunge bra;

    For very low fronted outfits.

    Backless bra;

    For any tops or dresses that are low at the back.


    A basque is an unsung hero for any outfits where a smooth line is needed, you want your underwear to be pretty and to preferably go strapless or multi way. Choose a basque with detachable suspender ends and detachable straps so that you have the option to wear stockings.


    Everday briefs;

    Depending on budget and body shape you will need a few pairs of knickers in your underwear drawer for ...wearing, to be worn and in the wash basket.

  • The mood bra by Geddy

    What is your port of call after a failed job interview, a row with your partner or when your plan for a fantasy romance with your hot boss is thwarted by his hiring a teeny waisted, legs to your shoulders, stunning new secretary? All we know is we black out, wake up with ‘Bridget Jones’ still playing on the DVD and empty bottles of wine and tubs of ice cream covering the floor.

    Well ‘psssst’, listen close, did you know there is a product which monitors your mood and gives you a slap on the wrist every time you even glance longingly at ‘Ben and Jerry’? Would you believe us if we told you this product comes in the form of a fully functioning bra? It couldn’t be true…..could it?

    Silhouette refused to believe it either until we saw the binge-busting bra cutely decorated in polka dots and hearts. ‘Microsoft’ has produced the bra. It features sensors in the cup pockets and side panels of the garment, which detect changes in your heart rate, skin temperature and other physical factors. These factors can indicate stress, a state in which we are most likely to seek food as a comfort! On sensing the altered mood the bra sends an automatic message to the user’s mobile warning them to avoid comfort eating.


    Microsoft tested the Bra on a group of volunteers over a four-day period and the results couldn’t have been better as the bras accuracy was 75 percent in terms of detecting the correct altered mood! Silhouette agrees that this is an innovative and amazing piece of technology and we don’t know whether to love it or hate it.

  • What the fit of your bra says about you, by Geddy.

    Which three words would you most like to be a description of your Silhouette?


    1. Frumpy, droopy and drab.
    2. Curvy, sexy and sleek.
    3. Lumpy, bumpy and squeezed.


    I don’t think I need to ask which answer you chose. Of course all women would prefer their Silhouette maybe to be Silhouette. Every single one of us without a doubt wants to be beautiful underneath, no matter what shape or size we are. However it’s how we enrobe and cultivate our curves that make a difference to our dressed Silhouette, and a correctly fitting bra is the key to ensuring flattering attire.


    It is stated that roughly 80% of women wear bras that do not fit correctly. On hearing this statistic I wanted to pull at my hair and cry out in shock! Silhouette has always believed in not only the importance of high quality lingerie but also the significance of a bra that fits perfectly. Even if your bra had been created by tiny fairies, crafted from the most expensive silk and dipped in pure molten gold, it would count for nothing if the bra didn’t fit properly. Too tight and your left with a bulging figure, too loose and you look frumpy.  More importantly an incorrectly fitting bra can also cause physical problems such as a pain and tension through the back, bruising, headaches and straps that can irritate and strain the trapezius muscle. Therefore could badly fitting bras contribute to breast cancer?


    Ladies do not panic! There are thousands of lingerie shops across the UK, which provide exquisite bra fitting, usually free of charge. If you are unable to find a bra fitter near you there are also websites which offer a self-fitting guide, however this can be risky and Silhouette advise being fitted by a professional with the know how and experience.

    Silhouette would love to see every woman looking and feeling her best by wearing a well-fitted bra. We can’t stress enough how much of a difference it makes to your figure so we have found some images of correctly fitting bras and also incorrectly fitted bras and their problems.


    So ladies lets arch those backs, wiggle those hips and march forward united in the fight for better fitting bras!

    In this image the lady has a bra, which the back size is too big, hence, the dipping,

    In this image the ladies cup size is far too big, hence the wrinkling of the fabric. This will show through on any item of clothing she wears and will also give a less full and more depleted saggy look.


    bra 3

    Here the cup of the bra is far too small, the ladies breast is bursting out of the cup leaving bumps, and the straps are tight and pulling which will create tension in the shoulders and be generally quite cutting and painful.

    Here is an image of a correctly fitted bra, see how the cups cover the breast. It is seamless and smooth, the straps run gently over the shoulder and her breast is evenly distributed through the cup.

    Here is the same fitting again, and you can see the back strap runs smoothly in an even line by slight pressure across her back. There is no digging our bulging and the straps are not cutting into her shoulders.

  • www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk BRA BANK ARRIVAL!

    No cheques or notes required here, Silhouette is making deposits in the form of bras! Silhouette has been awaiting the arrival of our , bra bank which has arrived (rejoice). We will deposit bags of our Silhouette bra’s into the bank and then send them to the aid of ‘Against Breast Cancer’ a charity with amazing aims for producing pioneering research into breast cancer.

    Silhouette adores what this charity is doing. This particular campaign not only raises money for research but also the bras provided are sent to less economically developed countries, where they can offer work for traders struggling to provide for their families.

    There’s no better time to give back than at Christmas and Silhouette love to think that our bras are not only supporting women’s bosoms but also supporting families in need. So no coal in our stockings this Christmas please Santa!

    Here is a little festive story of the arrival of our Bra Bank:

    One cold and blustery winters day a knock came at the door of Silhouette Lingerie!

    Left on the doorstep was a large flat package! What could it be?

    In festive Christmas spirit Gedi of silhouette tore open the package to reveal…our long awaited ‘Bra Bank’!

    Silhouette was so overjoyed they couldn’t wait a minute longer to start filling the box to the brim with Silhouette Bras ready to be sent off to ‘Against Breast Cancer’ to help families in less developed countries support their families!

    We feel nothing says Christmas like helping those in need!

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